The Price

The Price is now available at Amazon for Kindle and as a paperback from Amazon and other online booksellers.

Many Americans don’t know that they are descended from Swiss Immigrants. I didn’t. Even those of us who do genealogical research might get the information that our ancestors came from a place called the “Palatinate,”  the Alsace, some town in Southern Germany or the Black Forest. We don’t know or think about how those people might have migrated themselves from towns in Switzerland during the hundred or so between the Reformation and the moment that families began leaving Europe to settle in the “New World.”

The Price tells the story of these immigrants though it happens to be (very loosely) based on the story of my own family. Their story could be anyone’s story, really. These people were Mennonites, originally from the areas around Bern and Zürich. Some had fled persecution during the 16th century and gone to more Mennonite-friendly areas in the Alsace. Some fled and returned. Some stuck it out even when it meant imprisonment, confiscation of their property, the kidnapping of their children and death.